Teenage Love

Rahul was a 17-year-old good-looking, handsome and charming boy. His color was fair, his face was cute. He was at an age where the attraction for the opposite sex is at its peak. He used to go to a Park daily, nearby to his home. There he saw Mona for the first time, sitting in the grass with her bestie Payal.

Mona was a 14-year-old girl, who lost his father in her childhood, and now her mother was in a relationship with another guy whom she did not like a bit. There was no love in her life, and that was the thing she was searching for in her life. Rahul fell in love(Actually the infatuation) with Mona at first sight. At the first sight, he smiled at Mona, she smiled back, he waved his hand to her, she waved back. That smile and wave back gave him the confidence to go to Mona and Talk.

Since then a series of meetings and talks started at the park. Soon they started meeting at Rahul’s place, starting along with Payal, and alone afterward. For Rahul, Mona was something to appease his appetite for Sex, but for Mona, he was the man she wanted to marry in the future. Since the first day of the relationship, Rahul was clear to Payal that he would not be going to marry her, but poor Payal used to believe, that one day she would make Rahul realize true love.

After 3 years of relationship, now Payal became 17, more mature. Now she had attained the wisdom of life, and she was no more a 14-year-old naive girl. She was now clear about, what she wanted, which was either an assurance of marriage or no further relationship. Rahul was as clear as always that he was not going to marry her. Finally, they broke up. Rahul went to Delhi for higher studies and Mona also shifted to another city as her mother got married to the guy she was in a relationship with.

Moral of Story:

As a teenager, we are filled with feelings of infatuation with the opposite sex. And many times, we mistakenly interpret them as love. Hence, until and unless we attain an age, where we can differentiate between love and infatuation, we should refrain from any such relationships. The best relationship at that age is of friendship. A sexual relationship in childhood can deeply hurt you, and that hurt can be for a lifetime. Our teenage is the time of our life, that shapes our whole life. At that time we should concentrate on learning and preparing for our future

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